In total, these collections are spread over 58 different NFT marketplaces. The best thing about this tool is that you will be able to make the right decisions at the right time with its tracking. BitDegree is useful for revealing and analyzing various NFT collections from the market. You can find the available NFT collections and go through their data to gain better insights. On top of that, you can apply various metrics to perform a better analysis of any particular NFT. NFT OnChained is a useful tool to track underpriced listings of NFTs.

Coin Rivet can help you list all the NFTs at a particular time to make tracking and analyzing simpler. You can view the platform any NFT is listed on, their pricing and see the platform from where you can buy it. NFT Evening has a calendar to keep you updated with upcoming drops and NFTs.

Upcoming NFT Collections is a compilation of the most exciting drops, listed in ascending order based on the release date and time. Visitors can view its mint price, the number of assets, and other details. Some individuals take artwork from upcoming projects, load it to marketplaces such as Open Sea and aim to impersonate the actual project. They drive up the collection price, also known as “sweeping the floor” or “wash trading.” After a significant price increase, the NFTs are sold for a profit, and the culprits exit the market. The value of the NFTs decreases, people are left with NFTs worth less than the price paid. It leads people to conclude the founders are not interested in the project.

The visitors can go through these NFT collections and also find out their asset value, dropping date, minting price, and more. Out of all the upcoming NFT MVC Framework Tutorial for Beginners projects, Mini Melties is one of the most hyped. As Battle Infinity is packed to the brim with features, it’s split into a few different platforms.

IMPT will turn carbon credits into fully tradeable NFTs that can be bought, sold, or held as an investment. IMPT is our second pick for the best new NFT project to invest in as the new Increasing Presence Of High Frequency Trading In Crypto protocol offers a real-world, long-term use case in helping to fight the climate crisis. RobotEra is a brand new NFT project imbuing the metaverse with a host of earning opportunities.

Despite this, it seems likely that hype and pedigree could still help send the Hedz collection soaring after its September 21st public mint. Just prior to the start of August, Lucky Block transitioned from the BEP standard to ERC. In addition to the standard competitions that can be entered by anyone, Lucky Block also hosts Platinum Competitions for holders of the Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection. Each PRC NFT grants the holder lifetime access to these Platinum Competitions.

  • There is a total of 2,000 Mini Melties NFTs up for grabs, each unique and boasting rare traits from a diverse pool.
  • Non-Fungible Knowledge is an NFT project with a glorious mission to mint scientific knowledge into the Ethereum blockchain!
  • By transforming carbon credits into NFTs and utilizing blockchain technology, IMPT will also reduce fraud in the carbon credit market with them trackable on an immutable and viewable ledger.
  • As such, it’s worth heading over to the Lucky Block website and checking out the project before demand gets sent through the roof.
  • NFT Droppers is the perfect way to keep track of upcoming NFT mints.

Silks is a Play-to-Earn ecosystem replicating the thriving real-world thoroughbred horseracing industry – a sport that turns over $11 billion annually. The project may be young but holds a lot of potential in a competitive space. It’s more than just an NFT project with imagery, focusing on the actual financial value Web3 technology can bring. The basic utility of the collection is underpinned by the trading record that has been accumulated over 10 years.

The community loses faith, sells their NFTs, and projects end up in the backwaters of the secondary market. The usual pattern is for people to hear about NFTs, find the NFT community on Social Media platforms such as Twitter, and become part of the Discord servers of various projects. This is because the tokens can be used for more than just art. Artists can create digital goods like paintings, music, books, and other creative works and tie them to blockchain tokens.

Tamadoge – NFT and Meme Coin Project to Invest in Now on OpenSea

The lowest price does not always mean that it’s the best buy. Rather, you should aim for the cheapest NFT in the category to get the most value for your money. Some NFTs are rare, which means they are extremely expensive, and you should seek out these for your projects only when they have a floor price. The primary and secondary market volume of NFT has been dominated by Art since mid-July 2020. Games and collectible assets have contributed 12% of the total transactions.

Advanced movement tracker – Our tracking software can accurately pinpoint your location in real time. Self-Sustaining Ecosystem – TipTop encourages the reduction of our collective carbon footprint one step at a time. Fairness of Play – Every player has an equal opportunity to level up and max out their stats to maximize rewards, regardless of how much you contribute to the project. New NFT releases pose a unique opportunity for collectors of digital assets.

This is where the need for different analytical tools came into the market. There are various methods for calculating the overall rarity of an NFT. This will include different parameters like rarity based on the rarest trait, statistically assessing the rarities, or even taking an average of the rarity of traits. In all these methods, the overall traits of an NFT are considered and not a single trait. If an NFT is extremely rare, it turns out to be extremely valuable.

Following the presale, TAMA debuted on leading crypto exchange OKX, prompting the price to rocket by over 200%. This impressive momentum has led to LBank and MEXC listings – and TAMA will next be listed on the fifth-largest exchange by volume, Calvaria is in stage 4 of 10 for its native RIA token presale, with tokens on sale for $0.025 each, and more than $1.5 million What Are Cryptoassets already raised. By transforming carbon credits into NFTs and utilizing blockchain technology, IMPT will also reduce fraud in the carbon credit market with them trackable on an immutable and viewable ledger. Owners of carbon credit NFTs can also choose to ‘retire’ them permanently from the marketplace, returning a different unique – and tradeable – NFT in return.

How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects

Check the project’s Twitter and Discord channels to get a sense of whether the community is active. Ask the project developers a question to see how they respond. Be aware that some projects pay for followers, so their Twitter and Discord numbers don’t always accurately reveal community participation. Because NFT technology is still evolving, not all the security details have been worked out.

Users may not rely on rankings, rarity scores or other information provided on this site for investment, financial or any other purpose. Rarity Sniper is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Rarity Sniper may advertise and feature collections for a fee. Rarity Sniper may be compensated for ranking and listing NFT collections in the form of a listing fee. Listing fees and advertising fees, when incurred, are generally paid by NFT creators or holders.

There are a plethora of platforms that are excellent tools for finding new NFT collections. Social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram can offer a glimpse into how a collection is performing in a social setting. Whereas NFT marketplaces and calendars can be great for finding a large quantity of NFTs with minimal effort. While we’ve taken a look at 12 of the best upcoming NFT projects, two in particular offer huge amounts of upside potential.

The Ultra Rare NFT pets currently have a floor price of 4ETH, with only six listed below 80ETH. Tamadoge’s core gameplay centers around training these pets. Each can be leveled up using food, toys, and cosmetic items, all of which will be available to purchase within the in-game pet store. Players can explore, interact with each other, and train their pets in what will be one of the best NFT games of 2023.

Lilo is the first NFT with lottery utility, and future minigame ecosystem. The NFT Floor Price refers to the lowest price among all NFTs within a category. It does not mean that you should buy the cheapest one in the entire project.

Headless and Hybrid CMS Platforms Buyer’s Guide

Throughout this article, we’ll be reviewing the top nine new NFT projects, discussing where to find the best new NFT projects, and explaining exactly how to buy new NFTs. Crypto Doctors is an upcoming NFT collection that is community-driven and has a reward system. Dribblie is a football manager game where players from many galaxies compete for greatness.

It uses the BEP-20 standard (based on the ERC-20 standard), meaning that the token can be easily implemented within other projects. Furthermore, as it uses BEP architecture, the token supports fast, low-cost transactions, perfect for one of the top new NFT games. The final batch of Silks Avatars is still available for sale but is already 65% sold out. However, once they are all sold, your only option to participate in the ecosystem would be to buy it from NFT holders on secondary markets such as OpenSea. The Uncharted NFT collection is set to drop in Q1 2023, giving investors plenty of time to gear up. It’s going to be a highlight among NFTs launches, which continues to shake the market.


At its core, RobotEra is a sandbox metaverse world similar to Decentraland. Players can build and explore the in-game world, mining for resources used to craft robot companions that can then be sold in the in-game marketplace. Being a metaverse NFT project, RobotEra also has a large focus on community, allowing players to collaborate with each other with ease. It may be a digital item which matches your personality, interests and emphasizes your desires so it may have an emotional value. But there is another major benefit for investors as the price of NFT may double, triple or go further over time reselling NFT might end up as a big financial success. So it depends on what you seek in NFT and what you are willing to do with it.

While there are various criteria for NFT like rarity, utility and tangibility. We believe that evaluating social media statistics is one of the best ways to filter through the vast market as it reveals the most straightforward feedback and expectations. That’s why our team offers deep, accurate and detailed statistics of social media, to let NFT seekers always track the live rhythm of the project. Whether you want to purchase, invest, flip, or create your own NFT Art projects, research and preparation are the keys to success.

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